Dental Practice Implant Edition

In 2013 MediMedia India published a special Dental Practice Implant Edition.

With the latest research in implantology, implant surgery, and advanced implant procedures, this special edition reached out to practicing implantologists as well as general dentists, prosthodontists and specialists with an interest in Implantology.

Special features in this edition included product information, brief technical communications, continuing education columns and more.

The Implant edition boasted of articles from the leading names in Implantology including Dr. Neel Bhatavadekar, Dr. Bhakti Tunkiwala, Dr Jeevan A. Chokanda, Dr. Udatta Kher, Dr. Murali Srinivasan, Dr. Ali Tunkiwala and Dr. Nithish Surathu among others.

special edition reached a targeted audience who treated this edition as a collector's item.

Due to the excellent feedback, another Dental Practice Special Implant edition is now scheduled for early 2015.

 Executive Editor
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