Dr. Umesh Sahgal, a dental surgeon and his wife Usha Sahgal, started the Laughter Together Club in Gurugram a few years back which is part of the Delhi Laughter Club. The idea was to keep people who attended the laughter sessions in good humour, spirited and healthy.

They regularly hold laughter sessions in different parts of Delhi and Gurugram and these sessions are absolutely free of cost.

“There are tremendous benefits of laughter. It has been proved that Laughter Yoga helps in most of the diseases like depression, blood pressure, respiratory disorders, hyperacidity, Diabetes, and to some extent stress borne diseases, as well as diseases related to food habits and working conditions. Therefore, I recommend that Laughter should be a part of the everyday lifestyle,” said Dr. Umesh Sahgal.

Inspired Dr. Madan Kataria who started the laughter club in Mumbai the couple has been doing their best over several decades to infuse the spirit of laughter amongst people.

It comes free – the only price that one pays – a smile,” said Dr. Sahgal.