At a time when dental care in government hospitals across Kashmir Valley is in a bad state due to inadequate facilities, dental quacks in Kashmir are on the rise. In many areas of the capital Srinagar as well as Jammu, dental quacks operate without the required licenses and qualification, putting lives of hundreds of patients at risk. Jammu and Kashmir Dental Council has taken strong exception to the illegal dental clinics running in the state and vowed to take action against violators.

In a recent drive the Jammu and Kashmir Dental Council headed by President State Dental Council, Dr Romesh Singh visited several illegal clinics in the Jammu area and warned the unregistered and unqualified dentists against operating. According to reports several clinics were also sealed. The inspection team consisted of Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Incharge clinical inspections, Dr Satvinder Singh, Assistant Professor and Dr. Rakesh Raina apart from other Council members. This initiative of the State Council was lauded by dentists across the region. Dr. Romesh Singh further appealed to the public to intimate if any unregistered and/or unqualified person is operating dental clinics in their vicinity to enable the council to initiate legal action.