Volume 15 | No. 4

  • Digital impressions in dentistry: An overview - Ali Tunkiwala, Udatta Kher, Nidhi Gupta
  • Root Submergence Technique: A Case Report - Lanka Mahesh, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Praful Bali And Sagrika Shukla
  • Diastema closure with direct Composites: A case report - Sachindeep Singh
  • Diode Lasers: A Primer - Apoorva Gupta
  • Collaborative approach Leads to optimal result - Barry Cooper
  • Bridging the age gap with implants - Raymond J Voller
  • Management of pier abutment with Non-rigid semi-precision attachment - Karishma Seth, Pankaj Dhawan, Pankaj Madhukar, Piyush Tandan
  • Simple prosthetic solutions in complex cases for a successful overdenture - Emiliano Ferrari, Storni Gianni
  • An alternative approach To cosmetic space closure - Tom Bereznicki and Lola Welch