Dental Practice


Dental Practice Volume 15 | No 2

  • Aesthetic rehabilitation with advanced porcelain techniques - Anand Narvekar
  • Implant studio patient case benefits of guided surgery - Philip Tan
  • Elevate your endo:make it visible -Prashant Bhasin and Meenu Taneja Bhasin
  • Good,Good…Good vibrations:Components of optimal ultrasonic therapy-Apoorva Gupta
  • Full mouth rehabilitation from tooth supported FPDs to implant supported FPDs -Mahesh Chauhan
  • Achieving natural aesthetics in the layering technique: Invisibility is the ultimate goal -Clarence Tam
  • Management of perforations -Siju Jacob
  • Atraumatic Extraction technique -Amulya Chadda
  • Pain of endodontic origin referred from mandibular central incisor to ipsilateral impacted third molar -Ritu Sharma and Amrita Gogia
  • Digital Composite bridges-Hans Jurgen Lange
  • Operational cost and treatment charges in dentistry -Ankit Desai
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