The MediMedia Story

MediMedia India Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed publishing house that serves as a multi-point as well as multi-platform information source for the medical and dental profession in India.

Founded in 1995, the company provides accurate and comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in the field of medicine, dentistry, dental lab technology and science that would impact every member of the medical, dental and the dental laboratory team.


Among our market leading brands is Dental Practice South Asia which is the premier dental publication in the South Asian region in terms of readership and reach.

The company publishes Dental Technology which is the FIRST and ONLY publication in South Asia dedicated to the dental laboratory team. Specialty publications released include Dental Practice Implants and Dental Practice Orthodontics editions.

For medical doctors and students, MIMS COMPANION is an invaluable ready reference guide and is designed to aid in diagnosis and refresh the memory with respect to symptoms, clinical signs, investigations, pathology and syndromes.

We publish MediScene, a single sponsor publication which is specifically targeted to rural medical doctors.



Since 2014, we have been producing a very popular online digital version of both our dental journals, Dental Practice and Dental Technology and sharing them with our reader base in India and internationally. These digital journals have now donned on a brand new look and become much more interactive and engaging for our readers as we introduced the latest groundbreaking technologies in online digital publishing.

Our interactive digital journals now include Hyperlinks to external sites and landing pages with additional relevant information. Pop-up content and text boxes with more detail. Dynamic images, Embedded audio and video files, animations, Direct Interactive messaging with authors, Links to social media platforms and more...

In other words the Dental Practice and Dental Technology digital journals have come ALIVE.

With just a click, our readers can now access a large amount of additional content on their preferred topics. They have access to embedded audio files from authors discussing various topics and demo and technique videos from experts which are linked to articles.


Recognizing a strong need for networking and recognition among members of the community, MediMedia sought ways to bring dentists, technicians and companies together for an exchange of information and ideas. We regularly organize limited events, lectures, programs, launches and road shows for the dental/ medical industry. Our expertise lies in bringing manufacturers face to face with a highly targeted audience.