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Custom Reprints

Take full advantage of your best published articles, achievements, accomplishments and publicize them through credible Dental Practice/ Dental Technology Reprints

Reprints are specially customized bulk article reproductions of material previously published in our publications.

Dental Practice and Dental Technology reprints maximize the exposure of your best published work with third-party credibility. Apart from being dynamic and affordable, these help to complement marketing initiatives and further enhance the value of your brand.

Our Custom Reprints are in full-color with excellent paper and printing quality and can be customized to suit any requirement.

As an example your article, feature or coverage and its accompanying images appear below the logo of our publication on the front page designed in an attractive way. Your contact information and logo feature prominently on the reprint. The back page is dedicated to your advertisement of the relevant product.

We have successfully carried out reprint campaigns for several dental, pharmaceutical and oral hygiene companies.

Dental Supplements

A print supplement is a powerful and effective means to communicate your marketing message, stand out in a crowd and make a lasting impact. Our dental and industry experts will work with you to help put together the right message be it about your company, event or product. And all this in an editorial environment that your customers and our readers understand, trust and respect. Your supplement gets distributed along with Dental Practice and/or Dental Technology journals to your target audience giving it credibility and increasing its shelf life. We can handle every aspect of producing the supplement whether it is concept development, writing, design, production, printing and distribution.

Product Samples

A targeted and cost effective way to deliver actual product samples to our readers and your target audience within the issues of Dental Practice and/or Dental Technology. Samples may be included loose or can be stuck to the publication cover or the page with your advert.

Sampling can be used to introduce a new product, kick off an advertising campaign and allow readers to get an actual feel of your product. Sampling can also be done for a specific set of readers depending on your target market and to limit initial costs.

We have effectively carried out sampling for major players including Oral B, Microbrush International and Ruby Dental Japan.

Contact us for quotes, specifications and minimum quantities.

Direct Emailers

When used in conjunction with display advertising, direct e-marketing can significantly boost overall results and response.

Be it a new or existing product, an event announcement or a training program our vast email database of 10,000 plus dentists and 3500 dental labs and technicians across the country ensures that your message reaches the maximum number of practicing dentists including the most influential dentists and/ or lab owners.

Whether you are looking at volumes or a more targeted set of professionals we can assist you in effectively reaching out to your audience.


We are pioneers in conducting surveys on specific product categories, brand awareness, purchasing preferences and client satisfaction. In the past we have conducted and published the results of several surveys including the Dentist Top 10 products, Implants Survey, Dental Laboratory Surveys and Dental Units Survey among other product categories. These have been accepted as a standard by the dentist as well as the industry and widely referred to and quoted.

We have also carried out online surveys for companies such as 3Shape and Exocad among others.

Our huge database of readers and a very high level of interaction with the profession helps generate a sample size as well as demographics suited to any kind of survey. Contact us to discuss the possibility of conducting a dental survey, whether it is generic or customized or a product or preference oriented survey.

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