Volume 20 | No.2

  • Partly removable ceramic veneered bridge on implants: A comfortable construction - Tobias Rotter
  • Bound down soft tissue and the crestal soft tissue complex in implant dentistry- An insight - Yazad Gandhi.
  • Roadmap to seamless anterior restorations - Sanah Sayed.
  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Digital vs. Conventional Techniques in Dental Implantology - Domenico Benagiano DDS and Claudia Salerno DDS
  • Zooming in: The transformative power of magnification in modern dentistry - U.S. Krishna Nayak and Raksha Bhat
  • Digital clinical communication with the patient during natural teeth whitening procedures - Prof. Dubravka Knezović Zlatarić
  • Prosthetic rehablitation with dental implants after effective conservative management of ameloblastoma: A case report - Gaurav Gupta, D.K. Gupta, Neelja Gupta, Richa Gupta
  • Interview: Lifelike environment for Vita Mft: The mucogingival art gallery of Boris Jovanovic
  • Smiles are contagious - Sween Kathuria
  • Unlocking the future of digital dentistry: Exocad’s trailblazing roadshow in India